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OptiMonk Sales Development Representative

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Meet OptiMonk

After working with 2,000+ online retailers, we discovered their greatest pain point: losing potential buyers. To help them turn more traffic into sales and maximize their revenue, we envisioned a tool that would make everyone a master seller. A tool that would ensure users always know the right time to push an amazing, attention-grabbing deal.

In 2014, OptiMonk was born—the first international startup of the Innonic Startup Studio in Debrecen. From the beginning, we focused on a strong, clear mission: to personalize to world of ecommerce.

Before long, we grew from a simple exit-intent solution to a powerful conversion optimization and lead generation platform. Today, we can proudly say that 36,000+ websites in 150+ countries use OptiMonk. More than 50% of our customers are US-based, and in 2019 our Annual Recurring Revenue was $1.6M.

We believe that great goals can only be achieved by inspired people who are ready to change the world. People like our team: we’re a group of passionate digital marketers who consider OptiMonk more than just a place to work. It’s part of our life. We love what we do, which means everyone shows up with a smile.

Why we love OptiMonk?

  • Internationally successful product: Although most of our users are US-based, we have users from over 150 countries, which means we get to interact with many cultures. It's always amazing to see how people think about business from different regions.
  • Inspiring team: You’ll spend your time with 20 motivated, intelligent young people – in fact, our average age is 27! We always find the right time to share our knowledge and learn from each other. Our leadership team is motivated, determined, and committed to self-improvement, which means they’re great at supporting their teams—both professionally and personally. 
  • We love team building: We’re like a big family, and we don’t underestimate the power of a bit of fun after a tough day. We celebrate birthdays every month, and we have quarterly team-building events. You can come hiking, join our book club, and enjoy cinema nights and wellness weekends. 
  • Opportunities for growth: We travel to conferences around the world—11 last year, from California to Lisbon—to learn from some of the top global experts. We provide comprehensive onboarding and ongoing training opportunities. That means you can focus on new, exciting challenges from your very first days.
  • Modern offices: You can join us at our headquarters in Debrecen or at our secondary office in Budapest. We provide plenty of space to collaborate with other teammates, but you’ll also have a peaceful desk for focused work. 
  • Competitive compensation: In addition to your salary, we provide you with coaching support, a gym pass, and we’ll buy you any book you need. You can also enjoy our masseur and hairdresser services.

  • Market potential: 36,000+ users and almost 2.000 customers. Most are small and medium-sized online retailers, but we have hundreds of customers who’ve made seven figures with their online stores. You’ll be in contact with the owners and their marketing experts.
  • Synergy with other Ecommerce businesses: OptiMonk is part of the Innonic Group, so you can spend time with other ecommerce business teams like ShopRenter and Conversific. You’ll also be in contact with new startup teams.

We are looking for a Sales Development Representative

As we are a growing startup,  we are about to build a new sales organization. We have leads from the marketing team, but we need to qualify and handle those leads professionally. This is why we are looking for an AWESOME Sales Development Representative.

As Sales Development Representative, you will working in the sales team, reporting to Head of Sales.

OptiMonk is a B2B SaaS tool focusing on US mid-market (annual revenue between $2-20M) Shopify store owners, so we believe that a Sales Development Representative will create the most value by:

1. Connect with as many leads as possible: The first step is getting a lead’s attention via e-mails, telephone, Linkedin connections. 

2.Educate and qualify the leads you connect with: SDRs learn from their prospects before they send them ahead to the next step in the sales process. SDRs also educate by answering a prospect’s questions. Qualification has one goal – to determine customer fit. 

3. Move qualified prospects through the sales process: If the lead appears to be a good fit, SDR move them to the next phase and hand them over to the sales representative.

Want a sneak peek of our software?

Our customers use OptiMonk to build popup campaigns and other on-site messages, and you’ll advise them on how to make the most of our system. You’ll be a conversion optimization expert in no time! If you’re already experienced in this area, please don’t hesitate to apply. :)

Who will you work with?

We currently have 100+  mid-market leads per week, and you can also find new leads on your own, just to keep the sales team busy :) Your main focus will be on the mid-market prospects.

Want to find out more about how we help our clients?  Check out these case studies for some of our key customers, who have run many successful campaigns on our platform.

Who are we looking for?

To be successful as a Sales Development Representative, you will need skills in 4 areas:

  • Product knowledge: Successful SDRs never stop learning about their product or service. We will give you a top-notch Professional Onboarding Plan to gain knowledge about OptiMonk.
  • Organization and time management: SDRs have a lot of leads to get through, and a lot of details to keep straight. Strong organization and time management skills are a must.
  • Resilience and determination: SDRs hear “no” more than the average human. They’re good at shaking it off and pushing forward. A lead that isn’t qualified isn’t a loss – SDRs qualify prospects, so turning down people who aren’t a good customer fit is part of the job.
  • Conversational skills: It’s a common misconception that sales reps do all the talking. In reality, the best sales reps listen. The breakdown of a sales conversation should be 70% listening and 30% talking by the SDR. Keep in mind, that more than 60% of our customers are native English speakers, so you’ll need to write and speak English fluently.
  • Although not required, experience with selling online or with marketing management is an advantage.

Here are 3 tips to find success as a sales development representative:

Always be… learning! Reach out to other departments to learn more about your product. Learn how they talk about it. Read about your industry. Read the reviews of your company. Talk to other sales colleagues and learn from them!

Pay attention! Take note of common questions and objections you face and prepare for them. Notice which emails and voicemails get responses. Pay attention to things that your best leads have in common. Identify them in your prospects and prioritize!

Create, repeat, iterate. Create a repeatable process that works for you. Pay attention to where the process works and doesn’t work. Iterate and change it up if you feel stagnant. You can always improve!

Our screening process:

We’re proud of our team, and we’d like to make sure that new colleagues are a good fit for the position and for our company culture. Here’s how our screening process works:

  1. When you apply we review your CV and call you in 48 hours to talk about general topics and to listen to your English speaking. 
  2. If you succeed on the call, we’ll invite you to a personal meeting where you can meet the team. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to interview usl. 
  3. If you excel at the interview, we’ll invite you to a “test drive,” where you spend a full day with us. After a successful day, we’ll give you an offer.
  4. If you accept our offer, we’ll organize all the necessary administrative tasks. You can jump right into our onboarding process, which will bring you up to speed.

Join our team, and let’s build the best conversion optimization platform together!